Overview of Public Sector Exposures & Risk Management

21 Sep 2021
8:30 am AM - 4:30 pm
Lake Tahoe Resort, Stanford Room

Overview of Public Sector Exposures & Risk Management

**This training session is a pre-conference event for CAJPA members only.**

Cost: $199.00

This workshop is designed to help public entity practitioners manage their organization’s risk and exposure by ensuring a basic knowledge of the relevant laws, foundations, and applications of Risk Management as a profession. Participants will also gain key concepts and tools related to the unique loss exposures faced by public entities.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire a sound, contextual understanding of how Risk Management impacts the overall financial health of public entities
  • Define and explain the purpose of Risk Management in the public sector, comparing and contrasting “Traditional” with “Enterprise” Risk Management
  • Define the core competencies of the Risk Management profession
  • Explain how the historical development of Risk Management in the public sector has evolved into today’s practices
  • Explore the pros and cons of different ways to practice Risk Management within a public entity
  • Explain basic concepts of laws and regulations that commonly involve public sector risk management, such as Public Records Act Requests, the Brown Act, and HIPAA
  • Learn and apply the fundamentals of Root Cause Analysis in the context of Risk Management
  • Demonstrate understanding of the components and purpose Certificates of Insurance

Instructor: Jack Blyskal