Full Sessions

Day 1
12 Sep 2017

Golf Tournament

The CAJPA 30TH Annual Frank James Open Golf Tournament Benefiting the Joseph Farrell Memorial Scholarship Registration opens at 8:30am, Shotgun start at 9:30am Located in a natural mountain meadow just...
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Day 2
13 Sep 2017

General Session/Welcome/Intro Board and Prof Dev Committee, Keynote Speaker

Michelle Gielan – Keynote Speaker
Michelle Gielan

National Trends & Emerging Claims Issues

An overview and analysis of the latest and most compelling claim issues and emerging trends impacting public entities.  The session will look at current developments in public sector verdicts and...
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Funding Your Pool for the Long-Term: Efficient Management of Pool Capital

Pools were initially formed as a temporary solution for an insurance crisis. Over time, public agencies have seen the benefits of pooling and now risk sharing pools are a more...
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Designing the Perfect Defense to a Dangerous Condition

Several examples of lawsuits alleging dangerous condition of public property will be shared as well as how the public entity strategically managed these claims from the initial investigation, claim response,...
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Adapting to Weed in the Workplace

With the passage of Proposition 64, California joins a number of states in legalizing recreational marijuana. How does this impact the workplace? In this session, understand the state of the...
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Suicide & Bullying: How Schools Can Reduce Risk & Improve Results

Learn about effective ways of reducing risks and improving school climate; different forms of student physical, social and emotional abuses that can lead to suicidal contemplation, and the various approaches...
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WOW Session – Using Your Leadership Voice to Create Trust in a Time of Chaos

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, particularly given the chaos and confusion in healthcare today. People only trust those that they can see. That is why face to face...
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WOW Session – Wellness in the Workplace: Leadership Lessons on Motivation

Motivating employees to excel at their work is synonymous to motivating mental and physical wellbeing. Learn important leadership lessons that empower all demographics of employees to perform better at their...
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Transgender – Affirming Public Entities: What you need to Know

Transpersons face barriers and bullying, and are at high risk for suicide. In this session you will leave knowing an overview of the ever-evolving laws on transgender issues under the...
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ERM for Risk Pools: Moving from Theory to Practice

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is being implemented in risk pools throughout the country. Questions addressed in this session include: Will ERM create value proportionate to the effort? Who is doing...
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Who’s Policing the IT Police?

It’s safe to say that nearly all functions of a modern organization are dependent on technology. That fact, combined with an ever-increasing need to secure access to this technology, has...
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Dealing with Danger – Strategies to Avoid Liability and Minimize Exposure for Dangerous Conditions of Public Property and Inverse Condemnation Cases

Strategies for risk management to defend dangerous conditions and inverse condemnation cases are essential. Pools need to identify ways to minimize exposure in these cases. The topics to be explored...
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WOW Session – Wellvolution: Do it different, Make a difference

Please join us and find out how to get a better understanding of how life-style medicine can make a difference in the wellbeing of your workforce. Speaker: Bryce Williams, Vice...
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WOW Session – Telehealth: Healthcare in the Digital Age

Telehealth is offering the ability for a patient to connect to healthcare anytime and from anywhere. Come and explore the use of telehealth in the Workers’ Comp world. Speaker: Kathleen Simmons...
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WOW Session: The Cost of Bad Risk: Cooking up a financial storm you may not be aware of till it’s too late?

Contracts are your friends! Featuring real-world case studies, this workshop will illustrate how effective transfer of risk practices can positively impact claim scenarios for your agency. We’ll also take a...
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“Doing Well By Doing Good”: Savings, Security and Value for Everyone with Structured Settlements and Professional Administration

Focused on innovative, practical tools and tactics, this session will outline how the latest advances in structured settlement design and professional administration technology enable more settlements on more cases for...
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Pools and the Reinsurance Market – What you need to know!

From the evolution of reinsurance to it’s current use and types that exist in today’s risk pools, this session will address the part reinsurance plays in making the insurance market...
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Digital Threats more than a Virtual Reality

This panel will discuss the use of digital devices in employee misconduct, cyberbullying, school violence and other cyber-related matters. Email and texting play an important part in the grooming that...
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Becoming the Master Chef of Your Balanced Health Plan While Navigating the Employee Benefits Pyramid

Want to become a master chef of a successful employee benefits program?  This session will systematically guide attendees through a recipe for success.  Attendees will be provided the ingredients to...
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Late Night 80’s Party

Live Band, Dancing, Snacks and Networking
Day 3
14 Sep 2017

Understanding the Assumptions in Your Actuarial Estimates

Do you understand the assumptions in your actuarial report and how they affect the resulting estimates? Pool professionals and governing officials need to “own” the assumptions in the actuarial report....
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Technology Hot Topics

Part 1: Digitally Transform your Safety Culture Technology is continuing to change the way people work and learn, so why aren’t you using these advancements to boost the effectiveness of...
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Transforming Healthcare through Care Delivery Innovation

Year after year healthcare costs continue to rise at an unsustainable rate.  While many have tried methods to rein in costs, none have been as effective as the most recent...
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Ergonomics & Millennials: The Impact on Workers’ Comp

Risk managers have focused much of their attention on the needs of aging employees, while overlooking a potentially more challenging ergonomic conundrum — ergonomics for Millennials. In just a few...
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HRAs: Defined Benefits that Define a Strong Commitment to Your Early Retirees

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) is considered to be a defined contribution health care plan that may provide reimbursements for medical and dental insurance premiums and other eligible health care expenses....
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Police Body Worn Cameras: Ingredients for a Successful Program

This interactive session will examine the growing push to equip law enforcement officers with body worn cameras. Learn the pros and cons of having body worn cameras, the importance of...
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Disability Discrimination – It’s (Now) a Family Affair

Just when you thought managing the workplace couldn’t get any more challenging, welcome to the newest theory of disability discrimination.  Presenters will provide an overview of current federal and state...
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Successful Integrated Disability Management with Main Ingredient – Reasonable Accommodation!

Panel discussion will bring focus on how employers can cook up cost savings in both workers’ compensation and civil employment liability claims through integrated disability management.   With the aging workforce,...
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JPA Members Role in Creating a Safety Culture for Your Agency to Thrive and Prosper

The 21st Century is proving to be one of the most difficult and dangerous times for public agencies. To ensure agencies thrive in these trying times, public employers must be...
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Making the Most of Your Financial Assets: Portfolio Management Strategies & Reporting (Previously Rational Investing)

Participants will learn fundamental knowledge and strategies necessary to build an effective investment program designed to maximize earnings while maintaining safety and liquidity. Participants will learn the basics of investment...
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WOW Session – Ingredients for the new On-Line you!

Join our tech chef, Kim as she cooks up a new on-line you. In this session, we will focus on how to leverage LinkedIn from an online personal branding perspective.  This...
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WOW Session – Recipe for a Successful File Review

Please join chefs Tani Bragg and Dorienne Zumwalt as they walk us through their favorite recipe for a successful file review. This 30 minute session will include a few secret...
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Lunch with Sponsor Recognition & Prizes – Keynote Speaker

Chef Jeff Henderson – Keynote Speaker
Chef Jeff Henderson

Slips, Trips & Falls – Fact or Friction?

One of the oldest insurance scams is the slip and fall accident which has been used by individuals and organized groups for decades to rip off businesses and insurance carriers....
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What’s the Secret in the “Secret” Sauce?

Risk sharing pools are frequently mistaken for traditional insurance. What are the similarities and differences; and how do pools educate staff, members, services providers and the public about who we...
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The Role of the Actuary in Employee Benefits

The role of the actuary is to determine a correct premium to be charged for coverage offered in an employee benefit program. Actuaries are trained through a strenuous examination process...
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Trust Experience – Officer Involved Shootings, Critical Incidents and Early Intervention Techniques to Control City Exposures

Officer involved shootings and other critical incidents can create liability, morale, and public relations challenges, especially with today’s advanced technology.  Police excessive force incidents are particularly volatile situations that often...
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Building a Child Abuse Prevention Program

The California Supreme Court is reviewing legislation that would eliminate the statute of limitations on abuse claims. If passed, the financial consequences would be significant.  Whether the legislation is upheld...
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The Importance of Legislative Advocacy

Employers have a responsibility to be aware of the status of legislation which may impact their agency, coverage lines, employees and resources.  This session will provide a discussion of how...
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Americans with Disabilities Act 25 years later: Understanding and Reducing your Risk Exposure

ADA Title II public entity regulations have been in place for over 25 years but continue to evolve with the adoption of revised state and federal regulations, case law and...
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Managing a Data Breach: The Life Cycle of Cyber Risk

This session will survey emerging cyber risks facing public entities, including the continued rise of ransomware and sophisticated cyber threats. It will identify vulnerabilities common to the public entity space, as...
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Student Civil Rights Litigation Against School Districts – Have the Floodgates Opened?

The rights of public education students have been a hot topic in the news with an unprecedented number of US Supreme Court cases on issues including disability rights, transgender rights...
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Pool Roundtable – Issues of Common Interest

This session is a chance to outline issues of common interest among public entity pools across North America, including areas pool executives and Boards are focused on as they engage...
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The Election is over…Changes and Implications in Healthcare for Schools

Panel discussion on what we have seen since the election and what we anticipate will occur under the new Administration, the impact to schools and what carriers and service providers...
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Board Governance 101 Success Strategies

Being a board member is more than appearing at meetings or taking action on agenda items. Board members are the forward-thinking fiduciaries charged to drive the organization toward its strategic...
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Day 4
15 Sep 2017

Business Meeting & Legislative Update – Keynote Speaker

Mike Madrid – Keynote Speaker
Mike Madrid