Transgender – Affirming Public Entities: What you need to Know

13 Sep 2017
2:15 pm - 3:30 pm
Flying Cloud, Lake Tahoe Resort

Transgender – Affirming Public Entities: What you need to Know

Transpersons face barriers and bullying, and are at high risk for suicide. In this session you will leave knowing an overview of the ever-evolving laws on transgender issues under the California Fair Employment & Housing Act and how to support trans employees and even students to ensure that your entity is in compliance with California law. Particular attention will focus on employees’ rights, access to facilities consistent with one’s gender identity, restroom access, and how to handle sex-segregated facilities, including locker rooms, shower facilities, dress code standards and use of preferred names in lieu of the legal name.

At the completion of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the legal backgrounds of AB1266 and the fair employment laws
  2. Differentiate between the various forms of gender and other discrimination
  3. Weigh the impact of gender identity (i.e., policies, accommodations, etc.)
  4. Have an awareness of legal protections for discrimination based on specific sexual minorities.


  • Kristine Kwong, Esq., Attorney/ Partner, Law Offices of Musick-Peeler
  • Karla M Rhay, Ed.D., CEO, CSJPA (Benefits and Risk Management)

Moderator: Melissa Weis, CSJPA, Administrative Services Manager

Interest areas: Legislative, General Interest, JPA Board, Pool Manager, Workers’ Compensation, Healthcare, Human Resources, Loss Control, Liability